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Lviv Speed Badminton Open 2012

Tournament Information

Organiser: Lviv Speed Badminton Club 


Venue: Lviv Sports complex "Dynamo". Zelena 59 Lviv,  Ukraine   49.831536N, 24.042791E

Date: Saturday, September 22th, 2012, 09:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.

Competition: Single; DoubleDivisions: Ladies’ singles;  Open singles (all genders); Seniors’  singles(above 40 and above 50); Senior Ladies Singles (above 35),Juniors’  singles (under 18,  boys); Juniors’ singles (under 18, girls); Kids’ singles (under 14,  boys);  Kids’ singles (under 14, girls); Open Doubles (all genders)

All adult division will be played if eight participants have signed in, junior s from 4 participants

Participation requirements:Limited  to 88

The maximum group sizes are:

Open: 24

Men 40: 8

Men 50: 8

Women: 16

Women +35: 8

All juniors: no more then 24

Participants can only play in one of  the mentioned single divisions and in only one of the mentioned double divisions.

Speeders: 2012 Match Speeder® from Speedminton® Fun Speeder® from Speedminton® - U14 

Surface: Indoor – terraflex (indoor shoes necessary)

Deadlines: Registry Deadline: September 21th, 2012, 11:59 p.m.No-Return Deadline (if overrun before cancellation: the player lost all games and gets “0” points for the ISBO ranking, the organiser has no obligation to return the fee)

Fee: The participation fee is 10 € has to be paid before the tournament starts

Sign in time: Saturday, September 22th, 2012, 08.30 a.m. - 09.30 a.m.

Prices: 250 points for the ISBO ranking cups and gifts 

Registration & further information:Can be found  on   www.speedbadminton.com.ua

Competition regulations:Rules and guidelines of the ISBO 2012 for Speed Badminton are effective. Rules can be downloaded on www.isbo-speedbadminton.com

Tournament officials:

Nazar Krysaj +380993218049 

Pylypov Alexey +380508555654 info@speedbadminton.com.ua

Head umpire: Ivan Karatnyk


Miscellaneous: The organisers and reserve the right to change these regulations and the play mode, if necessary.

With the registration the participants accept the conditions of this announcement. 


Список участников / Registered players

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