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Crimea Open 2011

Tournament Information


 Of the «Crimea Open 2011»

 high-speed badminton championship holding  


1.The aims and goals of the tournament


  • Popularization of high-speed badminton and healthy way of life propaganda among people of young, middle and old age.
  • Promotion of sport skills and competition experience.
  • Finding out the strongest sportsmen.
  • Communication among the players and strengthening of friendly relations.
  • Active rest.

2. The dates and place of holding.


The tournament is held from 8  October to 9 October included, in Ukraine, Simferopol, Lenina boulevard, 5/7, sport complex of S.I. Georgievsky Crimean State Medical University.

Arrival day is the 1st October 2011.

The beginning of the competitions is on 08.10.2011 at 13:00.


3. How to get to the place.


You can get to the place by route-buses/taxi/trolleybuses to the bus-stop “Railway Station”.


4. The participants of the competitions.


Those sportsmen are allowed to participate in the competitions, which made the application for participation on time.

Those sportsmen who desire to participate in the competitions must have either the allowance from their doctor or their personal receipt that confirm their own responsibility for their health. Doctor allowance or personal receipt are given to the credential committee during the participant registration.

Each participant by himself or the organization that sends him to the tournament is responsible for the player’s health during the competitions.

The age of the participants is fixed according on the year of birth nonregistering the month.


5. The conditions of the competitions holding.


The competitions are held in the next categories: single (men and women), in couples (men and women), children up to 14, children up to 18, men over 40, mixed couple category. The competitions in each category are held in accordance with the Olympic system with tournament matches for the 1st place. The system of the competitions holdings can be held with the decision of the Major referee’s board.


6. The program and the rules of the competitions holding.

13:00 – opening of the competition.

17:00 - 18:00 – finishing of the day games.

22:00 – beginning of the Nightminon tournament + disco

02:00-03:00 –  finishing of the night games. Guests accommodation in the hotels.

12:00 – final game. Winners awarding.

15:00 – finishing of the tournament.



7. The conditions of financing.


The expenses on the tournament holding are borne by the competitions organization committee. The paying for the road, accommodation and nutrition is done by the participants of the competitions or the organizations that send the participants.

The tournament fee is 150 grivnas.

Pensioners are free from the fees.

The accommodation can be provided in the following hotels of Simferopol:

  1. Hotel “Salgir”, Simferopol, Lenina boulevard, 9.

Booking rooms is free http://salgir.com/?page=rooms

The cost of the double room is 360 grivnas. Administrator’s phone: +38 (0652)-52-19-20

       2. Hotel “Praga”, Simferopol, Charles Libknecht street, 39/41

Administrator’s phone: +38(0652) 51 26 43




The winners and the prize winners in their groups are awarded with diplomas and memorable prizes. The awarding is held in the day of the tournament finishing after the final games.


9. Applications for participation.


The confirmation of the participation it the competitions should be presented up to the

5 September 2011.

The applications in certain form are presented in the day of the competitions 8 October 2011.

The application should be filled on this address http://salamandra.crimea.ua/meroprijatija/registracija-uchastnikov.html



10. Contacts.


Mosolov Alexey Alexandrovich, phone number 050-888-11-30, 068-44-00-429;

Bushmakin Artyom Vladimirovich, phone number 095-213-22-16

For confirmation of the participation: E-mail: sksalamandra@gmail.com

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Список участников / Registered players Результаты турнира / Tournament results

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